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Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
Below is an interesting article about why millennials believe socialism is better than capitalism.
Funny, (NOT) how there is not ONE word about Obama and/or the media... That whole list is Democrat talking points and/or unintended consequences of Democrat policies/ globalism. I question the source of that list... I tried to click on the link, but it warned me of a virus and told me to "go back"!! "Just a coincidence", I'm sure... It all boils down to one word: LIBERALISM. It is the (domestic) enemy of the American way of life, and needs to be defeated every time, (at the ballot box). I just ask one simple question of all you homeowner's out there, but there is a "catch", you HAVE to be completely HONEST with yourself: How long would you "tolerate", and "coexist" with a person that was "down and out" that you invited into YOUR house, that wants to change everything about the way you have set it up, and doesn't clean up after themsevles???? Now imagine the music from the game show "Jeopardy" while you think about it...!! That person is supposed to respect your home, and help you maintain it the way you intended, not the way they want it. It's NOT real complicated...

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