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Originally Posted by Cal Coon View Post
It's ALL by design. All you have to do is look at this millennial generation. You have to be TAUGHT to be that stupid!! The majority of millennials think that socialism is better than capitalism... Shame on their parents, and our public school millennals believe that socialism is better than capitalism.
Below is an interesting article about why millennials believe socialism is better than capitalism.

The Millennials grew up and began their careers in a time when:

Almost every home (except 3rd world countries) had an internet connection and a computer.
2008, the largest economic decline since the great depression.
911 Terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
The effect of 20+ years of offshoring of American jobs is finally felt.
Enron - energy trading scams and corporate fraud on a national level.
Global warming becoming obvious with unusually severe storms, hotter weather, colder weather, more droughts etc.
President G. W. Bush, Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney deceived the entire nation about weapons of mass destruction of the nuclear and biological type and the subsequent invasion and occupation of Iraq.
The explosive growth in online companies such as Google, Facebook,, LinkedIn, EBay, PayPal.
A revolution in the way we work, including widespread acceptance of flex-time, work from home, freelancing.
The US is divided 50:50 with different and opposite fundamental beliefs and values.
Way too many crazy people are shooting their fellow Americans with weapons of rapid destruction.
Congress becoming dysfunctional.
Housing prices growing beyond most young people's reach.
It's never crowded along the extra mile.
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