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Originally Posted by MAXUM View Post
Very true and if it is 100% all original irrespective of it's cosmetic appearance it is really important to keep it that way as it will lose value, in some cases significantly if it is restored or parts are replaced. Usually the chambering is stamped on the barrel.

The 94 is a sweet rifle and if it is a pre-1964 DOM even better!
Beware the barrel caliber stamp is what I should have said. In 100+ years you just dont know what craziness got done. I had a 94 Springfield thatís was .303 british instead of the 30-40 krag it should have been, and a 30-06 p17 Eddystone that somehow since 1917 morphed into a p14 also in .303Ö.if you have any question or arenít a gun guy always shell out a few bucks to be sure before heading off to the range was my point, just like the wise OP did.

But once the OP knows they have a 30-30 they should grab some ammo and hit the range, cause those are fun to shoot
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