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Originally Posted by Cal-to-NH View Post
Well after two decades of warnings we finally have a pandemic. The issue of (1) Adding a Billion People to the world population every 13 years (staggering), along with (2) Travel being cheap and Prevalent, is a way for unusually contagious viruses to get out of containment
Agreed, the second factor is why it hit the US particularly hard. We travel so much for business and so many come here from other countries for the same reason.

We seem to have forgotten about population and it's effect on the climate and our health Growing up the the world population was around 4B (I'm 56) now it is close to 8B. Back then, the Chinese government restricted how many kids one could have. Setting aside everything except the number of people, if you put 8 light bulbs under a dome it will be hotter than if you put 4 under the same dome. This population growth is not tenable.
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