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Originally Posted by mswlogo View Post
Stop assuming you need to be rich to do Solar.
All your doing is convincing folks it’s out of reach.

You DO NOT need all cash up front. But that will give the best ROI.

Some lease deals go something like this. They lock you in at a lower electric rate. They upgrade your service for free. All repairs are free for 20 years. If system does not produce (broken or snow covered) they pay your electric bill. You pay nothing out of pocket. And system is yours free and clear after 20 years. Even folks that do have the cash go that route because they rather invest that cash.

Enough about being too poor for Solar. Too naive maybe.

It’s a no brainer.
The resident solar guy himself said that leasing is not an awesome idea (#80), and I've had friends who got porked by roof issues that "weren't covered" and resale issues when putting their houses on the market. Add to that a much different ROI calculation, and blech.

I've done the math to have solar installed twice, with two different installers, and the money I would've had to front—or take loans on—would have prohibited other things in my life. I think that's the simple reality for most people in America and that, frankly, you're out of touch.

It takes money to save money!

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