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Originally Posted by mswlogo View Post
Itís a stupid argument.

When folks are comparing Teslaís they are usually comparing nicer cars like Audiís, BMWís, MB and if itís worth switching to a Tesla. Or even a nice Hybrid. Not a 12 year old tin can. If driving cars isnít important at all you could make a monetary argument itís cheaper to go with 12 year tin can vs any car let a alone a Tesla.

Itís John turning yet another discussion into a stupid one.

Yes, itís cheaper to drive old cheap cars.

You could argue itís cheaper to not own a car and just use Uber too.

Why did he buy a new convertible sports car if he hates driving?
I donít buy any of his BS, I think heís bored and just trying to stir things up.

What challenge?
You making up more stuff in your head of how others are thinking again?
John's point above was that the "math doesn't work for [him]," which I think is an essential point both personally and as a culture.

I've pointed out a few times that your financial assumptions aren't reality for the sizable majority of America.

Yes, Teslas/EVs have great tech, may be fun to drive, and may, if all things come together, be financially and ecologically efficient.

But for $96k, the price of your Tesla SUV, I could buy two 4Runners and 20+ years of service.

Or three Subarus and 30+ years of service...

It's no different than the guy who chose two rolls of toilet paper yesterday rather than the multi-pack that saves 25% and comes more easily packaged: to buy into solar or EVs usually requires money people don't have.

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