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Originally Posted by Cal Coon View Post
Because when they first came out, (in the beginning of the cry baby, "entitlement society" era we are still going through to this day), somebody, somewhere, decided they didn't like them for whatever reason and raised Holy Hell over them. My guess would be because they run on gas and oil, and if this "somebody" could have their way (entirely), anything (on the lake), that runs on gas and oil would be banned completely... Just a hunch on my part. I could be wrong though. One of those situations where one or two people complain about something and ruin it for the rest of us. Seems to be common place in this cry baby, "entitlement society" we have created. (Sadly)
I certainly think that people have the right to voice their opinion on what is allowed and not allowed on a lake in which they own property. I wouldn't call them out as "cry babies".
If you're looking for a lake to Jet Ski there are plenty to choose from. Some people have different ideas of "lake life". Not everyone is into power water crafts.
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