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Unhappy But Seen from Lake Winnipesaukee...

Originally Posted by Top-Water View Post
Some of the luckiest people on the lake. To be able to wake up to this every day
Seen from the tip of Rattlesnake Island, the "lawn" is a major cut through forest.

The roadway is, indeed, flanked by stone walls--and has been--before WWII.

Take the loop known as Robert's Cove Road--taking the entrance nearest Alton. (But take special care re-entering Rt. 28 speeders approaching!)

Although this view is a pre-war example, this rampant form of decades-long "Ridge Development" will continue to grow and harm Lake Winnipesaukee's water quality.

I happened upon a for-sale sign on a house with a spectacular view of Lake Wentworth. About eight acres of stumps gave silent witness to the forever cost of "a view of the lake".
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