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Originally Posted by Susie Cougar View Post
Wow! You have more guts than I do to keep on traveling like that when itís so hard for you. And especially after everything youíve been through medically. If anyone should be in a wheelchair it should be you! Why were you walking?
As far as the dogs, I totally agree with you. Luckily, I donít ever see dogs when I travel. Only once when I was in Baltimore did I notice that a dog had taken a poop right in the walkway and I was shocked that the owner didnít even pick it up.
I was walking in the airport because I can. I have fought hard to be able to.
June 6th I was released from the physical rehabilitation hospital when I was able to achieve 150' of walking with the assistance of a walker, 6 steps up stairs and transition in and out of a car.
In Nov I was cleared to start swimming. I have been in the water every single day since and am making an incredible recovery. By the fourth of July I will swim the shore line around sandy (round the island swim) and then some.
Im 35 years old and recovering strong despite TSA's portrayal. Im not going take the easy route.
As far as dogs my family raised a seeing eye dog as a volunteer for guiding eyes for the blind, and now I am seriously considering training a service dog of my own.
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