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Originally Posted by Biggd View Post
I agree but there has to be a better way that can appease everyone. Maybe limit the amount of time it can be rented to one week a month and no renting by the just a day or a weekend.
People renting their second homes out in resort areas has been going on forever but, now with internet rental being popular, a new way of policing this needs to be implemented. I don't agree with just making it illegal.
There are many waterfront homes that are used full time as rentals. My Gilford house is one of those. It is a weekly rental in the summer and one tenant from September until Memorial Day. The two houses immediately adjacent to the other side of the property (I spend summers in) have also been used 100% as rentals for the past 6 summers. I have no complaints about the people who have rented them and have not been impacted at all. Many of these rental homes were purchased by their owners for precisely that purpose.

If renting is significantly impacted by changes or enforcement of the laws I believe many homes will go on the market, and that will drive the sale prices down. That ranges from the families who rent to help offset expenses and use the property themselves, to properties that are rentals 100% of the time. When fewer house on the lake are available for rent, look for the weekly rental prices to skyrocket.

I still feel that the ideal solution is enforcement of noise regulations and regulations that specifically impact the problem property. As of this time, anyone who has purchased a home that is not in an association knew that there was a possibility that their neighbors could rent their home out. If the home is in an association the documents available before the purchase would inform the purchaser of the rental policy and may impact their decision to purchase.

We don't need to keep adding laws in the "Live Free or Die" state. In the view of many, continuously adding laws and regulations has already negatively impacted boating on the lake.
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