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Originally Posted by garysanfran View Post
There are several property owners near me that rent their places out during the summer to pay the property tax.

So if Meredith adopts this and a couple of neighbors complain, my neighbors will be forced to sell and if more towns adopt this, what happens to the summer tourist industry? What happens to the restaurants and other tourist supported businesses? Bayside Rentals (specializing in renting single family homes short term)? If this is carried to an extreme would only hotels and motels be "allowed" to rent to tourists and vacationers? Or is that the design?

In my little mind the problem isn't short term renters, it's noise, which can be generated by long-term renters as well. Maybe even a home owner themselves being a bad neighbor!!! What about that barking dog? Biker with a loud Harley? Enforcement against noise makes more sense to me than taking income away from someone because there is a possibility the short-term renter could be noisy (chances are they'll be gone in a week. A noisy home owner/resident is permanent. Not gone in a week).

Some day I'll write a book..."The Unintended Consequences".

Ehhh, probably not!
its actually a state tax and is enforced by the state and the town (started a hard push on it just about over two years ago when the letters 1st started to come out to those pubilically announcing they are renting online), and Laconia is helping the enforcement and taking it a step further by making the people in residential areas apply for a variance to operate a "Rental business" in a residential area because zoning laws technically do not allow it, and they could deny it. They don't have any other major problems to deal with in the town.

Those in other zones like Commercial or Commercial Resort (example would be the old motels and cottage rental places that are now condos and in this zone) that rent their residential properties out do not need to apply for the variance for Laconia but they still need to file with the state and collect the tax according to the law.
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