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Originally Posted by NoBozo View Post
Does anyone think there might be some AGE descrimination going on here. When I was younger.. over 40 years ago.. (I'm 67) I just KNEW that the Cops were after me because I was young.

Today..I have no reason to disbelieve that theory because lately, ...last 40 years or so, I have not been hassled on the road...or in the boat. I have gray hair and wear my ball cap on straight. Just wondering.
I don't believe on the water it is age discrimanation. I do believe that many more stops are made for watercrafts then boats. I also think some officers also have a problem with boats that look fast.

When I got a ticket for boat type it said sped boat. No that is not a typing error that is what it said on the ticket. My boat is a Baja and clearly advertised in big letters all over the boat.

It is 365 hp not nearly as close to a speed boat as what he had with 2 300 hp outboards on the back.
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