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Default My experience

I just had to re-post this story I posted back on May 26th in another thread. I wanted to add this to this thread to compound what I see as a very dangerous trend by SOME Marine Patrol Officer's. This thread prompted me to write an email to the Marine Patrol highlighting my story or stories and including a link to this thread. My request was that the Marine Patrol Officer in Charge discuss courteous boating practices with the officers. I also alluded to the fact that the credibility and overall image of the Officers is negatively impacted by this behavior. FYI it has happened a couple of more times since I wrote this, leading me to speculate that this has practically become standard procedure. I pray that I am wrong.

Here is my story:
Twice..... TWICE this past weekend I saw Marine Patrol engaging in what I consider rude, inconsiderate boating practices. Once in the Barbers Pole area and the other time in the 6 pack/mini-graveyard off of Long Island.

Both times the officers, (different boat and officer each time) were cruising at no wake speed RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CHANNEL. Making it impossible for anyone to pass above headway speed. Now I am all for relaxing and taking it slow but this is downright rude boating. It borders on entrapment IMHO. As if they were daring boaters to pass them. Both times I offered the obligatory shrug of the shoulders and shake of the head. Seriously though consideration goes a long way in both directions. I would never ever ever take up the middle of the channel at no wake speed and I can only imagine Marine Patrol would probably pull someone over for pulling a stunt like that. Not that they would have grounds to but they'd probably give someone a stern lecture for it.
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