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Originally Posted by BroadHopper View Post
Wish there was a thank button so I can thank Noregrets. great reply to this thread.
In the Concord Monitor, there was a story about a police officer yelling to a biker at the Weirs, 'So you like little kids'. It was very humiliating to the person. There is a lot of comments to this story that is similar to this thread.
While the majority of law enforcement are great people, there are a few that tarnish this image.
My best friend is one of the CO for Nashua Police Dept. He has a boat and was confronted by an MP about rafting in an arera that is not designated a no rafting zone. I remember the argument got heated and my friend said to the MPO that 'he had no respect for others in law enforcement!'. The MPO called for 'reinforcement' when he realized in the other boats were police officers. The MPO was told during the call to 'let it go' and return to base. You can tell the MPO was P.O.ed. It was pretty shocking event to me.
An interesting story. I know there's been an increased call for enforcement of exiting laws, by myself as well. But at no time did any of us think this meant harassment, which is now occurring frequently. I wonder what that MPO would have been told if the boaters he was harassing were not police? Brings back the bad old days a bit.

One thing people have to remember.

1) Law enforcement officers everywhere are not automatically heroes. A select few earn that right by heroic duties, not by being hired and doing the wrong thing.

Interestingly enough, over here the state and local police on the lake are far more seasoned, more professional, and far more worthy than quite a few of the Coast Guard I've seen. I think too many people are entering service and getting caught up in the HSA thing. When it gets out of control, they need to be brought back to reality, or just let go.

The results of the past several years on lakes around the country point to a lack of focus on the real issues and problems. Too many drunk boaters, too many idiots endangering people in the water. To that end those that harass set back law enforcement many years. People that get stopped for routine checks by officers that are polite and courteous are far more likely to help out, and have a favorable opinion. You get some jackarse like a couple of the above that are out to feel big and harass people, and it all goes down the tube.

Since they were police, the head honcho back at base should have told them to kick the crap out of the MP and wise him up. OK, just kidding I know he's a real hero and just doing his job.
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