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Default This past Saturday in Alton Bay

We went to the concert in Alton Bay, complete with picnic lunch. While sitting there for about 2.5 hours (from 6:15 to 8:45), eating and listening to the concert, we also got to see a MP officer patrolling in and around the Bay, from Sandy Point to Downings. He made a few passes passed the docks, returning waves from some of the parked boaters, including me. He spotted a boater with docking lights on coming down the bay toward the docks, and simply went over by him and informed him he shouldn't be running with the lights on, except when docking, and then went about his business. I did see him with blue lights on out by Sandy Point, and it looked like he stopped someone going between the red marker and Sandy Point on plane. He ended up back in the end of the bay again, and had a rental boat heading out and they couldn't get their white light (on top of bimini) to turn on. He spent about 10 minutes with them, and let them go, I presume because the rental had an 875 phone number on it, and it wasn't quite dark. As it got dark, and he was starting to leave, he suddenly turned and headed over toward the town beach. A car pulled up in that parking lot (east side) and had a kayak on the top. It parked like they were going to put in the kayak, but a quick light up with his spotlight and a quick blue light flash sent them on their way. He then made his way out of the end of the bay and headed off past Sandy Point.
What impressed me was this officer was certainly more concerned with educating the boaters who needed his attention, and at least from what we saw, did it in a friendly, yet professional manner. Probably enhanced some boating experiences, rather than ruining them.
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