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Originally Posted by Biggd View Post
Generally when you take a state or city job you make less money than the private sector so you give up the "pay me now" for the "pay me later". In the case of your mother in law, she's getting the pay me later. Good for her!

In my younger days I had the chance to take a government job at $11.00 an hour and working the night shift as opposed to the private sector where I made $16.00 an hour working normal day time hours. I choose the private sector because I was a hard worker and I knew I would make a lot more money for my family at that moment.
I don't think that's the case now. With benefits, I think a person makes as much in the public sector as in the private sector. However, this may be skewed since in the Washington DC area, public sector employees make more than private sector employees, and since so many people work in Washington, this may effect the overall numbers. I'm sure studies have been done proving both sides!
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