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Default Sorry Not Trying To Bash Marine Patrol

Don't get me wrong I know there is a need for Marine Patrol and they are very helpful and good at what they do. I am just frustrated over the last couple years and don't enjoy those late afternoon cruises like I use too.

I am curious if maybe they are being told they need to generate as many tickets as possible to protact theirs jobs and not go through a budget cut in a tough economy.

In the 20 years of boating up here I never had them turn around and follow for no reason until the last couple.

I use to wave to them as I passed them as a friendly justure and thanks for doing a good job. Now I am afraid to wave as it may draw attention to me.

I am not trying to bash them I was just curious if it was just me imagining this during the week or if it really seems worse then it use to be.
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