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Talking ...... shame-shame-shame!

Originally Posted by macbeth View Post
The word on the street was a very busy Absentee Vote. Hmm!! Could it be? No, The newly elected mayor would never do anything Illegal.
Late last month, on Halloween day, tour buses from New Jersey transported NJ-tourists to supposedly take in the Mount Washington cruise, while in reality these buses surreptitiously took 90 and 100 year old gray-hairs to cast highly illegal absentee ballots in the upcoming election for Mayor of Laconia ...... shame-shame-shame ....... ..... was a very Halloween spookie day .... boo-hoo-hoo

The real big question that is now before us, front and center: where-o-where in Laconia will the State Lottery be opening a sports betting parlor? Will it get installed within a quiet aisle in the Laconia state liquor store, say in the aisle with the wines imported from far away California, or where???
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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