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Originally Posted by Mr. V View Post
Punishing / jailing people merely for being homeless is borderline insane.

Best attack the cause of the problem:

1) mental illness. Lots of these people don't take prescribed meds, which leads to homelessness. Perhaps Big Pharma could figure out a way to time release meds such that they need only get a shot once in awhile; keeping them medicated will help.

2) family. Consider changing the law to require family members to take in and take care of their adult progeny who would otherwise be homeless.

3) jobs. This is a tough one: create jobs for homeless people: yeah, I know, easy to say, hard to do. Maybe a program akin to Job Corps, to train and house them til they are able to get to work.

4) Purge Day: once a year it's "open season" on homeless, with no limit (just kidding, but I know some of you will slam your beer down and yell "Yeah, baby!"
#4, sad but true. It's called "thinning the herd".
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