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Originally Posted by macbeth View Post
I was Born/Raised/and Live in Laconia. Maybe it's the LI part of you that can't see. This is a very REALISTIC view of what's happening in Laconia. FYI, Laconia's DOWNTOWN is the thing of the past. Left in 69 with urban renewal which is same thing that is happening now ( Just in different words ). If you choose to not see it, that is not my problem. Maybe you are looking for it to be like LI. Not sure, but all downtown Laconia is a Den for Drug users.

I have to many friends on the Force that have my opinion's and worse attitude's.

about what Laconia has turned into. Just Stating the obvious, Just look at what a lot of people on here have posted about Laconia. Never a good thing. Just sayin !
Thanks for the LI comments I appreciate it. I have been in the area for 15 years own several businesses in the area and a large commercial building in downtown Laconia. Again nothing is perfect but the city is moving in the right direction but cannot stop here. We need forward thinking leadership to continue growth by attracting more businesses and more destinations within the city.

As far as the drug issue, this unfortunately is extremely common in small cities such as Laconia and growing the city brining more awareness will help the issue. There is no fix quick cure.

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