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Default Dive gas docks

Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Looking at the gas dock webcam, the estimated distance from the two gas pumps to The Dive is about 10' to 20', and gasoline fumes are subject to the whims of wind and breezes, so any responsible person realizes it is unsafe and is a flash gasoline fire hazard to have these two gas pumps fueling boats so close to The Dive with those two open flame propane fireplaces and two propane flame de-buggers.

Have you ever seen the fire prevention safety signs that say "No pen Flames" within 50' of a gasoline pump!

This is simply too close for comfort! ....
I agree with FLL. Until the Fire Marshall and MP says otherwise I will be concerned with anyone near the dock when any kind of open flame. I have seen boats blow up at gas docks over the years with people thinking that would never happen. This to me is a potentially dangerous situation.
Thanks FLL for the alert!
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