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Tune hUP, 'ith Some Hep!
This was taken by Life Magazine 1952 in South Dakota on our way out to California. The day before this was taken, we had been coming up the Black 'HILLS' and the 1949 Buick's 150 Horse Powered straight 8 cylinder engine decided to eat a spark plug, then another and she slowed to a crawl, and then just couldn't pull that heavy load any further. Dad had Brother Fred drive up to the summit and drop off the luggage trailer he was pulling and come back down and towed that whole rig up the mountain! This is where I questioned the name 'HILLS' when the Summit was above 7000 foot!! You know, maybe we could have made a run at it from the bottom... Anyway, this was the Tune hUP to get us the rest of the way with NO Problems. that would include Donner Pass over the Rockies into California. And By the way, Donner Pass was just over 7000 foot as well. An adventure, for sure. Well so as to make a Long Long story short, we made it to the top! Seeing that there was no such thing as 911 in those days, but however, my Mom could yodel like no other and we got the message out for everyone to get the, out of the way cause We Were a Comi'n Down the Mountain!
:-)... That's me in my Time Out shirt taking a picture...

Pic #1. Sister Doņa holding the hood up. :-)
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