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Default Ain't that the truth!!

Originally Posted by ApS View Post
We know why they were installed, but the planners were not counting on the run-away sizes of today's boats.
Back in the 70's when I was a kid, my uncle had a camp on a small lake in the lakes region, and he had a 17' Penn Yan with a 120hp 4cyl mercruiser in it, and at the time it was the fastest boat on the lake!! It's "nickname" was "the Pig" because of all the fuel it used!!! A friend of theirs on the other side of the lake, then bought a 16 or 17' Glastron/Carlson with a 125hp Johnson o/b 2 stroke motor that then became the fastest boat on the lake...!!! "The pig" just couldn't keep up with that 2 stroke!!! My how things have changed...
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