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Exclamation Tornadoes?

Originally Posted by trfour View Post
Cool ApS!

OHIO". To this very day, I couldn't think of a better name for this State. We were detoured along our journey through, by a tornado that closed the main highway onto a dirt road that most Oxen would have said, Get Out'ah Here! We did however get back to the main highway, through a very skillful pilot in my Dad, and of course Our Good Lord! We stopped again to wash the MUD off, and did some more chores...
I, too, was confronted by tornadoes. As I entered New Mexico, the first Tornado Warning was issued by AM radio. As I entered the modest State campground near Roswell, perhaps 50 children and parents were using the provided playground. I advised them of the warning, then drove around the small campground for a suitable spot. After completing the small loop of maybe 30 spaces, I'd returned to the playground, and found it had emptied out. Ultimately, I'd picked a campground with nobody in it!

As for the 8-minute movie clip of Lucie and Desie, I could sympathize with their dilemma of trailering through mountain passes. The only thing missing was steam. I won't spoil the ending, which is very telling, as most Eastern flatlanders become collectors of such things when they head out West.
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