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Originally Posted by garysanfran View Post
Of old B&W photos...And the nostalgia that goes with it. Do you recall what kind of camera(s) was (were) used? Rolleiflexes were common among journalists then. Common format was 4x5 and 4x6.
Rolleiflex (and Rolleicord) came onto the market in the 1960s, so the camera used was probably a 4x5 "Press camera". (Medium or Large format). Yashica "twin-lens" clones appeared about the same time—selling for less than $30! (Seeing their quality, I ordered three Yashicamat 124G cameras in the mid-1970s).

Among other medium-format cameras, I used a Pentax 645, Zeiss Nettar, and a most-excellent Kowa SLR.

This older (2x4, 6x6, 2¼x2¼) format is seeing a resurgence, with camera prices edging-up. (Mint-condition Yashica 124Gs are selling for 10x their original price)!

And why not? Large-format cameras claim a 480 megapixel quality.

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