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Things that Dad had to contend with before we left on the trip west, mainly involved the 1949 Buick that towed the Magic Carpet. The 1948 Buick that towed the luggage trailer just needed a trailer hitch and fender mirrors. Dad beefed up the rear springs, adding extra leaves in each on the 1949 Buick, plus a Heavy Duty tow hitch. Then after the Magic Carpet was delivered to our house there in Stoneham, Dad hooked up and took the rig on a shake down run over the road and on returning to the house found that the heavy duty hitch had bent down almost disconnecting from the trailer tow ball.
With the length of the Magic Carpet being 46' and only two axels, the tongue weight was huge so Dad tried out a few tongue dollies and ended up settling on an air over hydrolic tripple wheeler that he used for the trip.
Pic 1. Tongue dolly
Pic 2. The one we used
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