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Originally Posted by garysanfran View Post
Last year, about the same time of year, I took an Amtrak sleeper roomette from San Francisco to S. Station, Boston...An incredible train trip through the bowels and underbelly of America. The parts you don't see by road...OR PLANE! This year, I'm travelling (driving) the "Backbone of America"...Route-50 from here to there. It's a backroad, filmed a few years ago by a crew headed by Tom Brokaw who spent 3 months traveling this "Loneliest Road in America"...Some very desolate parts in Nevada and Utah...No cell service, no gas stations, little traffic for about 300 miles from Fallon to Ely...
You enter Nevada's SR-50 by driving downhill onto a roadway with miles and miles of visibility ahead. Trouble is, you're the only person on it! You ask yourself, "Why is this road even here?"

You stop your RV to check the racecar being towed behind it—and to walk the dogs, take pictures—and still, no one appears.

But the panorama changes as your elevation drops—taking-in steep round hills, rugged snow-capped mountains, the texture of rocks millions of years old, and an occasional herd of pronghorn antelope, who disappear behind a moonscape—highly suitable for a Sci-Fi movie set. The only thing missing are clusters of active volcanoes!

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