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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
For $23.74 the Gilford Walmart has a 15-lb anchor, named a river anchor, that is coated with black vinyi and has three large prongs ...... is basically a mushroom style anchor with three prongs designed to claw into the lake bottom, and these work good on both rocky and sandy lake bottoms.

For about $50, the Walmart website has a similar design anchor that weighs 30-lbs which is probably the maximum weight for an anchor to be removed by muscle power, without an electric winch.

Have to wonder if one of these 30-lb three prong anchors and 100' of 3/4" line would be able to hold The Dive, a 22'x62' barge, in place in water that's about 15-20' deep?

....... anchors away ....... and bottoms up ...... here's to this anchor holding The Dive barge in place! ..... otherwise just aim for the rocks ..... and think positive thoughts!
Do you work at, live at or have large amounts of stock in Walmart? Just curious..
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