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Originally Posted by FlyingScot View Post
You seem to equate the law with being a good neighbor, these are separate things. No one has said they aren't following the law, only that they are a lousy neighbor. Even many of your posts imply this when you say things like "as long as they don't go to the same place every day..."

As to "not much you can do about it", Mr Florida seems to be doing something, or the Dive would not have set up petition
Who says they are a lousy neighbor? Just one person.

The Dive took the mooring space that they were given by East Coast Flightcraft and the city.

My reference is to mooring in coves for rafting in purely residential areas that are "NOT" commercially zoned areas which is not the case where they dock nightly and keep in mind not only are they in that location but many other bars and restaurants that play music and have a tremendous amount of night activity especially on the weekends this is just the type of area the Weirs Boardwalk is, again they purchased is this neighborhood and should expect this type of activity.
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