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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Here's a somewhat similar case from South Dakota, Sept 12, 2020 .... ..... where the 46-year old attorney general of So. Dakota was removed from office on June 21, 2022 for a fatal hit & run, killing 55-year old Joe Boever who was walking along the road.

Atty General Ravnsborg "was driving home alone from a Republican Party dinner on Saturday night when his car hit something, possibly a deer, he told authorities."

It is unusual to see such a smirky, dopey looking photo like his in Wikipedia?

So, you never know, who will remain at the scene of a car-person collision, and who will leave the location probably being scared and thinking they can get away with it. An adult beverage or two can effect one's actions, at the time, as well?

And, holy smokes, it says he is/was a lieutenant colonel in the Army.
I don't recall seeing the person named or being charged.
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