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Default Morbid mountain


Opens 9/26 Fridays and Saturdays

Halloween ScreamFest and Haunted Hayride
13 Nights - 3 Ghostly Attractions
Tickets $15

Several years before the creation of Gunstock, hidden in the woods, stood Belknap Mental Hospital. Here only the most insane patients were housed to receive treatments. The rural, out-of-the-way location was ideal as even the locals never knew its existence, until as the story goes the patients took over and it was the doctors and nurses that were held here. The location, deep in the woods was again ideal . . . no one could hear their screaming. The hospital was boarded up, closed and nearly forgotten.
The Hospital of Horrors, as it now known, was left idle for many years. During the fall of 2008, the old hospital was stumbled upon by two local hikers. In a police report taken by the one surviving witness, she said that her and her boyfriend were looking for shelter during a freak thunderstorm. As the sky grew darker, the lightning flashed and there in front of them was the hospital. She said she has hiked this trail many times and never noticed the building. It was old and in disrepair but there was a light on. Against her wishes her boyfriend knocked on the door and almost immediately the door was answered by a man in a doctor’s coat – the last thing she remembers before running from the woods, is her boyfriend being grabbed and taken inside, the door slamming, a flash of lightning and hearing the words “We’ve been waiting for you!”
Those who enter don’t return. Do you dare? . . . those who suffered are believed to still be here in one form or another. If you listen close you may hear banging, screaming or feel warm breath on the back of your neck– you hope it’s the wind, don’t turn around.
The telling of stories in front of the fire is a long-held, cherished tradition among campers. As they sit around a crackling fire in the dark of night, chilling stories of ghosts, monsters & unbelievable things that happen. These stories, told and retold year after year, may just be true. You decide!
Unexplained things do occur out there in the woods at night. You may have heard them yourself.
Gunstock Mountain Resort Campground Logbook. August 2008:
  • 11:00 pm – Two guests call Guest Services after hearing strange noises in Breezy Knoll. Screaming is heard in the background and then the line goes dead . . .
  • 11:03 pm – Call to guest services about quiet hours – loud campers
  • 11:10 pm – Security radios guest services to report that “something” has made a mess of Breezy Knoll site K4 – tent and sleeping bag ripped to shreds. No sign of guests. Security asks guest services to call Fish & Game – possibility of a rabid bear. Security will check with other guests.
  • 11:30 pm – Fish & Game officer arrives on site. No call back from Security.
  • 11:32 pm – Camper calls Guest Services about hearing more screaming. No reply from security.
  • 11:35 pm – Fish & Game officer calls “It’s not a bear . . .” Line goes dead.
What is it? You’re about to find out.
It was supposed to be the perfect date. The carnival was in town – the smell of hot popcorn, cotton candy, the bright lights, the music, and all the rides seemed to be the perfect place for Johnny to bring his date.
It seemed a bit odd that there didn’t seem to be anyone else there . . .
The young couple entered the fun house. First a dark room with only the light at the end to guide them – it felt like floor was moving beneath their feet. Next a room full of clowns – he swore their eyes were watching them as they walked through. In the mirror room he let go of her hand explaining it was getting sweaty, but really he was on the defensive. He was getting confused – which one was her and which was a reflection? They felt like they were going around in circles. Johnny’s date asked with a bit of fear in her eyes “How do we get out of here?” Just then, the lights went out and they heard a voice whisper "You Don’t."

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