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Originally Posted by HUH View Post
That is sad.. Seems the county board managing the rec area is truly out of touch.. anything to try and turn a buck
Out of touch... Some folks are a riot. Most people complain because taxes are too high. Then others complain when, GASP, Gunstock makes a change with the potential to increase revenues!

As one of those taxpayers, I'm glad the team at Gunstock is actually willing to try new things. Bring some new patrons to the area. Try something different in Morbid Mountain. Diversify the client base. See how it goes. And in the process we get some variety with the potential to increase earnings at the area.

That's not out of touch -- that's good management! This change, along with the recently-approved capital improvement projects are all spot on, in my opinion. But then again, I don't have an issue with Gunstock being profitable. Especially with our tax dollars in play.
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