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Originally Posted by hazelnut
I guess for me personally "point contact" is a non issue. Trailering, racking, "point contact" is inevitable (winter storage/travel). To raise it as an issue when considering racking vs wet slip just seemed bizzare to me. I understand the science of it (didn't need it broken down thanks anyway). If damage is going to be done in the summer by racking, do you store your boat in the water in the winter? Won't that same damage occur in the winter?
So the non-issue comment on my part should have been clarified as IMO. I never thought twice about it due in large part that boats eventually end up dry docked at some point.
Yes, you are right as far as we can't slip year around, so some time is spent on a trailer or in a rack. I Did mention that. We can't get away from it.

The original question was which was better, racking or a slip. If your boat can be cradled naturally by water, 5 months out of the year, so much the better, INMHO.
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