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Default Harilla's

The beams ran the length of the hull and the spacing was just right (or perhaps wrong would be the better word) so that the chines were caught. There were 4 good sized chips in the fiberglass. I can't remember which building we were in, but it was a fourth level rack at Harilla's. When we had them place the boat on our trailer at the end of the season, I noticed the damage. We were told, in a very nice but matter of fact way, that it's difficult to see exactly how you're setting the boat when it's on the fourth level, and that's why the waiver on their responsibility is included in the rental agreement. He told us if we wanted to rent it again the following year, we might want to ask the owner to carpet the wood. Since it was our first season with a boat, we had no idea this could happen.

Other than that, we were happy with Harilla's. We were also happy the following year in our slip at Quayside, until the end of the season when we washed the bottom and discovered the blisters. Since then, we bought a house, all the money goes to that, and the boat is a nice driveway ornament.
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