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Originally Posted by Rose
Depends on what the hull is resting on. The rack that we rented had vertical 2x10's with no padding. The boat was placed on its lowest chine in such a way that the fiberglass was chipped off in several places, to the tune of $2000+ in repairs. So point contact definitely IS an issue. Luckily, insurance covered everything but the deductable. The deductable wasn't covered because when you sign up for a rack, the rental agreement clears them of any liability if the boat is damaged in the racking process. I know many people have had luck with racks...we did not.
That is disturbing Rose. Are you telling me that you had a rack with beams that ran across the hull as opposed to bunks that cradled the hull? Where was this? Are they all like that at this marina? Did you know this before you rented? I guess this is a case of buyer/renter beware. I would not allow my boat to be placed in a rack with this set up period! We own our rack and we have carpeted bunks and we have no problems. I can see why you were disatisfied, I would be too!
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