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Originally Posted by hazelnut
As for Nightwing's comment "and is supported 100% by the water rather than sitting in a rack with point contact." A rack is the exact same "contact" with your boat as a trailer. Also we all pull our boats for the winter don't we? They usually end up in a rack or a trailer right? So as far as point contact goes it is a non-issue.
Depends on what the hull is resting on. The rack that we rented had vertical 2x10's with no padding. The boat was placed on its lowest chine in such a way that the fiberglass was chipped off in several places, to the tune of $2000+ in repairs. So point contact definitely IS an issue. Luckily, insurance covered everything but the deductable. The deductable wasn't covered because when you sign up for a rack, the rental agreement clears them of any liability if the boat is damaged in the racking process. I know many people have had luck with racks...we did not.
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