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Thumbs up Rack

We Rack at Harilla and we love it. Plenty of day docks so we can head out to the store by car if need be. The service is fantastic. I never thought twice about my boat during all those soaking spring rains, I knew it was safe and sound in the rack dry as a bone. We boat as late as we want on a Sunday because they just rack it Monday morning when they open. The plus is having a mechanic on duty (Goodhue). If I ever have any problems they are fixed during the week. Two thumbs up for Harilla Landing!

As for Nightwing's comment "and is supported 100% by the water rather than sitting in a rack with point contact." A rack is the exact same "contact" with your boat as a trailer. Also we all pull our boats for the winter don't we? They usually end up in a rack or a trailer right? So as far as point contact goes it is a non-issue.

Negatives - make sure you know the schedule of your marina (closing times etc.) Nothing like driving 3 hours and your boat isn't in the water when you wanted it to be. Other than that I highly reccomend Rack storage, especially if I lived 3+ hours away from my boat.
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