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Default Talk to Ames Farm.

Not that far from where you stay (Rte 11 in Gilford), and would have you out on the main body of the lake, not having to mess with the Weirs channel and bay every time you want to use the boat. While up here, I think you can leave the boat at Ames.

Valet can be interesting, especially on a busy weekend. this past weekend at West Alton, there were three boats tied up two deep and two boats tied up three deep (that's a dozen boats tied up in the space of two). In fact it may have been more.

Slip is nice...take down the canvas, fire it up and off you go. Doesn't matter if you decide at the last minute to go out (full moon rising at 9 PM, you pull into town at 830...gee hon, let's go for a ride...). Drawback is a higher cost for docking.

good things either way you go.
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