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Originally Posted by MAXUM View Post
This is in a 2003 drive train with 1.88 gear ratio in an Alpha I gen two stern drive.

I had a 19 pitch 3 blade was OK great hole shot, but ran about 25-28 MPH @3000 RPM. Top speed ~48 MPH @5500 RPM. Moved to a 21 pitch 3 blade, a bit of a dog out of the hole, 30-32 MPH @ 3000 RPM. Top speed 52 MPH @5500 RPM.

Moving to the 4 blade gave me the hole shot back I had with the 19 pitch... so quite pleased with the results.
I went from a 3 blade 21p ss prop to a 4 blade 19p aluminum prop, and it allows me to stay up on plane at lower rpm's/mph, better hole shot, and better fuel efficiency. I may have lost a little top speed, but I don't care about what the boat will do at wot, that's NOT where I run it 99% of the time. I have a 22' cuddy cabin with a 454/ Bravo 1 outdrive. Weighs around 3750 empty.
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