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Originally Posted by Dave R View Post
Bottom paint could also mean it was wet-slipped in fresh water, but you are correct that bottom paint, at least on a trailerable boat, detracts from the value. On a boat that's too big to trailer, bottom paint is pretty much a given
and does not affect value at all, but fresh water boats are certainly easier to sell than salt water boats.
If I had a boat to big to trailer, and kept it in fresh water ONLY, I would NOT paint the bottom. I'm talking primarily about boating on Winni here. I don't see what difference it makes that a boat is "to big to trailer", or not. I NEVER see bottom paint on boats that sit in slips for the entire season whether they are trailerable or not. Maybe there is a few that do, but I don't remember seeing bottom paint on too many boats on the lake. Now you're going to have me paying closer attn to the hulls of boats looking for bottom paint as a result of this post!!! Something else to do while out on the water... lol
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