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Originally Posted by Cal Coon View Post
Also, FWIW, sometimes having bottom paint on a boat can turn a prospective buyer away when you go to sell it. If someone is looking for a used boat to buy, and they're only going to use it in fresh water, they may not even consider a boat with bottom paint on it because they "assume" it has been an "ocean" boat, and boats that have been used primarily on the ocean tend to require significantly more maintenance than fresh water boats. Just something to consider if, and when you decide to paint the bottom.
Bottom paint could also mean it was wet-slipped in fresh water, but you are correct that bottom paint, at least on a trailerable boat, detracts from the value. On a boat that's too big to trailer, bottom paint is pretty much a given
and does not affect value at all, but fresh water boats are certainly easier to sell than salt water boats.
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