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There is no need to worry about the bottom paint any time soon. The boating season will be over in a few more weeks, and nothing is going to happen between now and then in terms of harming the boat. You could have it in the water with zero bottom paint and it would be fine.

It would be helpful to know where the boat was used before. If it was salt water, you likely have an ablative paint. If it has been on Winnipesaukee the whole time I would expect it to have a hard paint, but it is possible that whoever did the bottom paint didn't know what to use.

Haul it out in the fall, pressure wash it, and see what you're left with. While you don't technically *need* to bottom paint it, stripping it all off will likely be far more work at this point than just keeping up with it.

Bottom paint can be a DIY thing, but you need to ask your marina about doing the work first as there are environmental impacts and some will not let DIYers do bottom paint at their facility. Not sure which marinas on Winnipesaukee care or not about this.
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