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Originally Posted by tis View Post
I had never heard of that paint until this year when somebody bought a really expensive boat and found out he couldn't leave it in the water because the paint would come off.

Also, don't they paint the bottom of the boats at Silver Sands because of the water they sit in there all the time?
Some paint their bottoms, others do not. Generally some of the water that stagnates at certain marinas leaves a brown stain on the boats that is worse than if the boat is docked in more open areas.

There are acid based wash solutions that usually take most or all of the stain off when the boat is out of the water at the end of the year. The stain comes off easier if the hull has been painted but even waxing the hull in the spring helps make it a lot easier to clean in the fall.

I had a boat that came from the Great Lakes with black bottom paint. I never liked the look of that. There are some decent white bottom paints available now. You can have it painted and if you have a white hull it won't show.
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