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Originally Posted by Knot Today View Post
So, I bought the boat on Friday...
Saturday I had it out at the sandbar...

As the boat had been sitting in the water for quite some time...
It had algae all over the bottom... so I began brushing it off with medium brush, (No Chemicals) then a soft sponge...

But as I scrubbed... I noticed what seemed like bottom paint coming off..
"So I stopped"

As I'm very new to all this... Can someone chime in on how much the bottom cleaning, and maintenance/painting of my boat is going to cost me out of the water
You have left a lot of questions unanswered... If you're boating in fresh water only, or you trailer the boat and are using it in the ocean, there is no need to paint the bottom. The only reason to paint the bottom is if you are going to leave it in salt water for a long period of time. If you are a salt water boater, and keep it on a slip / mooring, then you would clean and repaint the hull every season. The only "maintenance" you would have to pay for now, is to clean it up if you are not leaving it in salt water. Most places would most likely charge by the foot, whether they are just cleaning the existing paint/algae off, and/or repainting it. You may be able to get a quote over the phone just by the length of your boat, but some may want to see it before they quote it.

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