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Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Kawishewi - it was not clear to me if your Italy tour was by land or Sea.

If by sea, keep in mind that the city of Rome (all the sights) are a 1 hour drive from the seaport. This becomes important depending on how many days at port you have — Rome itself (in my opinion) is a 3 Day event to properly see. For example, you could blow an entire day (lines etc) at the Vatican - a must see. For Venice, you HAVE to take a gondola ride ( a must).

If you are doing italy by land, I highly recommend city to city transfer by rail (get first class tickets). Florence to Rome- Rome to Venice. Way better than a bus tour.
I've never been to italy, just close in Switzerland.
I was saying if you are in Italy and have a choice to see the alps from the Italian side that I would encourage you to make that choice.
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