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I don't see any problems with the state being forced to take REASONALBE measures to reduce output. Flat out closing the hatchery or imposing unrealistic requirements on them immediately is not the answer. Ideally what should happen is a look at what others have done, cost analysis and putting all the hatcheries on a time driven improvement plan. This would allow for a phased in approach and ease the funding hit to make it happen. I have to believe some federal money is available to offset this I mean hell how much did the Feds spend on those stupid HAWK signals in Meredith? How many dumb studies that provide zero public benefit occur annually? This actually is a useful and worthwhile cause.

These hatcheries are important to the F&G and more so from a tourism aspect to the state. For those who don't fish you may not understand that, but these are critical to maintain a good population of healthy fish in our lakes and ponds especially when it comes to trout and salmon. In fact the salmon only exist because of the hatcheries as they are unable to reproduce naturally.

While I get the concern there needs to be a solution here, not call up your senator and tell them to say no. That solves nothing.
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