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Default CALL TO ACTION! - Merrymeeting Fish Hatchery Discharge Permit

Merrymeeting Lake outlets into Merrymeeting River which flows through New Durham into Lake Winnipesaukee at Alton Bay. In 2017, the Powder Mill State Fish Hatchery (PMSFH) was known to be a source of phosphorus pollution. Merrymeeting Lake provides the PMSFH with 7 million gallons of fresh water per day. The water leaving Merrymeeting Lake has an average phosphorus concentration of 5 µg/L while the PMSFH withdraws and discharges a near-constant water load containing phosphorus levels approximately 12 times higher than the outflow concentration from Merrymeeting Lake. PMSFH has been operating on an expired USEPA discharge permit since 2016 and NH Fish & Game has requested a new discharge permit. The EPA has given October 1 as their estimated time to publish a draft permit in the Federal Register.

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