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Originally Posted by joey2665 View Post
Also keep in mind that this truck was registered in MA traveling across state lines to the driver and vehicle are subject to USDOT regulations in addition to state regulations.
Ultimately, I believe it is a USDOT regulation that states that once a driver is convicted in one state of an infraction that removes their eligibility to drive, that from a commercial perspective, that infraction removes their right to drive in all states.

The problem here, is that the driver had a Massachusetts Drivers license, which the State of Connecticut can't take from him, or revoke his ability to drive with out proper action from the Massachusetts RMV. Because the Massachusetts RMV didn't properly respond, there was no way for a company to recognize that this guy had a DUI conviction.

Now to put further spin on this, how many drivers have speeding tickets, or failure to stop, tickets in other states, that haven't been updated in the RMV records, causing them to have higher insurance premiums?

This isn't just about this one case, its about many cases and the process that is supposed to exist.....

Massachusetts RMV has screwed the pooch here, If the state doesn't continue its investigation, and then act upon its findings, then the negligence isn't just an RMV issue it is a State issue... The state doesn't want that, because then the USDOT become involved...

WHile the accident is horrible... the results from the accident should bring about some change here in Mass.
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