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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
"It appears that until recently there was an institutional belief that this was not a serious safety problem."

July 30, 2019:

As you probably know, Massachusetts now has a population of 7-million, and New Hampshire has a population of 1.3-million, and it sure seems like New Hampshire has a lot better grip on its' driver safety enforcement. Just having a smaller sized population is a big plus, here.

No information yet as to whether the driver was texting or drunk or on drugs or both, at the time?

No information yet whether the Ram-2500 was a 6-wheel dually or a four wheel truck.
Bottomline, is that this guy shouldn't have been driving commercially.....

The RMV in Massachusetts, has always been a mess. And hopefully this will bring about some much needed change. Back in the 80s they use to send "Registry Cops", which where fully dressed and outfitted State Police officers, out with Kids for their driving tests. Those same cops used to believe they where untouchable, and had been known to put there hands on their fire arms, and threaten people when they disagreed with Registry employees. (ask me how I know).....Fortunately that calamity has been straightend out, and registry cops are no longer.

But now the adminstration, needs to clean up its act. Hopefully this will lead to some more resignations, or firings of top Mass. RMV officials, and the Governor will put people in place, with instructions to start cleaning the mess up.

There is no reason, that this should have happened. The RMV has done nothing but reduce their work load, you rarely need to go to the registry if you are a AAA member... To many people making to much money, and not doing their jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yes, I am a Massachusetts resident, who is deeply sadden by the events that led to this accident
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