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Originally Posted by TheTimeTraveler View Post
I am wondering if the new operator will try installing a retail gas pump so that cars will be able to fill up there as well as boats.....

After all, Wolfeboro is now down to three gas stations (which used to have eight) and all the gas stations in Tuftonboro no longer exist (Melvin Village and Center Tuftonboro all closed).

Right now the closest gas is either in Wolfeboro or Moultonboro, so I think a gas pump might do well. After all, the operator is paying the insurance for the existing underground tank.

Interesting speculation continues as to what will really happen with Pier 19.
That actually would make the most sense for that location IF they could get bigger tanks in to service a full on gas station for cars and develop the front of the store which is all grass at the moment, back that with a circle K convenience store, gas at the docks for boats and even a drive through dunks. I could see that working well there especially with all the activity there in the winter time with sleds and people ice fishing.

I don't see a valet service being viable there, does anyone think it a good idea to have constant traffic of boats on a fork lift crossing 109 with what a 45 MPH speed limit and let's face it visibility on the south bound side is terrible. I don't think the neighbors would appreciate that either and likely would fight something like that.
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